ITH: A one stop solution for All Indian enterprises seeking market in Russia

High quality products and services from India

It is well known Indian enterprises offer high quality products and services in several industries resulting excellent value for money and are competitive on global level. The aim of the Indian Trade House (ITH) is to support INDIAN enterprises that are capable of exporting in finding adequate business partners in the Russian Market. Furthermore, we provide guarantee to our partners in order to facilitate smooth trade activities that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Our strategic objective includes the opening of further trade houses in the various regions of Russia and expansion within the framework of the policy entitled Opening to the Eurasian Union as well.

Linking supply and demand

Our activities are based on two main pillars. On the one hand, assisted by our experts and extensive contacts we continuously search for Indian enterprises that could be competitive in external markets especially Russian market as well. On the other hand, with the help of our local trade houses established in the target cities we assess the demand of the given market and explore the potential business opportunities interesting from the point of view of the Indian companies