Services to facilitate export

We search for potential business partners on the Russian markets for our Indian partners and offer a single point-of-contact service supporting the complete process of the export activity. We possess a unique database of Indian SMEs producing high quality products and services which are compatible on the Russian markets, as well as help to create valuable business relationships between our Indian and Russian partners.

Searching for business partners

Our database consists of more than 1000 export compatible Indian small and medium-sized enterprises from several industries. Each of these enterprises is controlled, so for the incoming demands we are able to offer our partners abroad companies providing high-quality products and services with a guarantee.

Targeted meetings for business people

By organizing targeted meetings for business people and partners we facilitate setting up direct contact and holding meetings with Indian business people. These meetings can be linked to exhibitions, visits of business delegations in India or Russia as supporting events.

Ensuring flexible financing opportunities

We help our partners to find the most favorable financial conditions by providing business consulting.

Integration of goods base

Due to its integrative role, the Indian Trade House joins the capacity of the enterprises working in the same sector, therefore it creates a base of goods that is able to fulfill large-scale demand as well.

Competitive logistic solutions

In case of road, water or air transport we offer competitive and reliable solutions to our partners.